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Green General Election Candidate Sonya Mallin

Vote for me and you vote for real hope.

Real change.

A different way to live. A different way to measure success. A different way to consider each other. 

I cannot sit by and do nothing, while the world in which we live is being destroyed. And, as a mum, I find it heart-breaking that the world my children are growing up in, cannot offer them the same care-free future that I had growing up.  

By voting for me, I will champion the policies and values I believe we need to change the course of our future and not just nationally, but locally too.

I have worked in banking, for the government, for a large children’s charity and a small grass roots community development organisation. And I currently work in education as a consultant project manager with a reputation for getting things done.

Where there is social injustice, I will do what I can to fight it. For example: with my autism awareness campaigning, I joined forces with a mum in Warwickshire to bring a petition to government to consider emergency funding to speed up the time it takes for children to be diagnosed. Over 21,000 people signed it and the government did respond. They even debated it in parliament in February 2023, but in reality the services are still failing children every day. Children in crisis have to wait years to access the mental health services and our schools have no funding to support them in class. There is so much more to do.

How we behave and the policies we support affect our whole environment – from the sewage poured into the sea in Worthing, the number of hedgehogs surviving in our back gardens, to fossil fuels powering the cars that congest our roads and pollute our air. It affects whether houses built in Worthing are on virgin green land or brown field sites and who profits from that decision.

It’s time for us to stop pretending there’s no connection or that we can’t do anything about our future.

We are all connected and change is definitely possible. 

So I want to stand for the party that says social justice is possible. 

That our future doesn’t have to be bleak, full of strikes, power cuts, soaring energy bills or unsubstantiated economic policies.

There is a different way. The Green way. Real hope. Real Change.

  • It’s time to stand up for an economy for tomorrow that has improved quality of life and wellbeing at its heart. 
  • That supports our children to be understood and to get the support they need without having to fight for years to get it. 
  • And one which does not put shareholder profit ahead of our local environment, building new homes on appropriate land which benefits everyone.

And that’s what I stand for and that’s why you should vote for me as your Member of Parliament for Worthing West.