Worthing Citizens’ Assembly on Climate Change


As the organizer and publisher of the petition calling on Worthing Borough Council to establish a Citizens’ Assembly on Climate Change, I was very pleased to see them take this suggestion seriously and the Council’s historic commitment to holding such a forum beginning this spring (details and full report here).There is one worrying detail in their plan, however. They propose to hold six one-day meetings of the assembly over a period from spring/summer 2020 into ‘early’ 2021. In other words, it appears that the meetings of the assembly will take place over the space of about a year. This is unprecedented sluggishness and can only serve to delay and distract, rather than galvanizing the community into taking necessarily swift action.The UK-wide citizens’ assembly on climate change is currently meeting on four weekends over two months. The Oxford assembly met over two weekends in three weeks last autumn, and the Camden Council assembly had three meetings in one month last July. Similar timelines are in place for the assemblies in Cambridge, Leeds, Kingston and every other body which has yet held such a forum in the UK. Why is Worthing Borough Council setting the low-speed record for action?Hopefully, the Council will consider revising this otherwise exciting proposal for a Citizens’ Assembly on Climate Change. It is does not deliver what the petition signatories had in mind or what our community so desperately needs.

Jo Paul 

(Communications Officer, Worthing Green Party)

Better evening transport in Worthing

We are preparing a campaign for better evening public transport in and out of Worthing. A survey we conducted was responded to by over 200 people, who overwhelmingly showed a desire for more frequent and later public transport in and out of the town centre, enabling people to enjoy the entertainment, the rapidly-expanding restaurants and cafes, or simply to go to meetings and clubs.

UPDATE: From the 29th May, the Pulse service between Lancing and West Durrington is being extended into the evenings on weekdays and Saturdays. Thank you, Stagecoach! We hope that usage will justify this and encourage an even more frequent evening service.

Manor Ground vs Bohunt Academy
manor ground campaigners

West Sussex County Council revealed the new Bohunt academy, being built in Broadwater Road, was the least popular school, with 186 students from a potential capacity of 360 expected to attend in September (51.6 per cent). Read more...

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Transition Town Worthing

Transition Towns are a new approach to community-level sustainability and are based on the ethos that we need to plan for a future that includes economic uncertainty, climate change and the end of cheap fossil fuels. We need to work together to address these issues at a local level. Read More...

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