Worthing Green Party - Local Elections 5th May 2022

 ELECTION REPORT - and "Thank you!"

The local election results have certainly shaken up Worthing with Labour cleaning up and pushing the Tories out completely from central areas.
The make up of the council is now: Labour 23, Conservative 12, Lib Dem 1, Independent 1.
Labour have made big green promises, let's make sure they deliver.
Sonya Mallin gave former Tory council leader, Cllr Kevin Jenkins, a run for his money in our target ward of Goring. Sonya came second with 1000 votes, the highest Green council vote ever in Adur & Worthing. This was nearly four times the Green vote in 2021 and a 20% swing from Tory to Green. In fact if Labour had not split the vote Sonya would have won.
So we are well placed to build on this success and win in 2023. But that work needs to start now. We will discuss next steps at our meeting on Thursday at The Ardington Hotel at 7:30. If you would like to see a Green elected in Goring in 2023 and want to get involved please come along. If you can't attend and want to help out please get in touch with Ian Davey (07963 557095 iandaveygp@gmail.com)
a message from Sonya:

Nobody makes gains like this on their own and each of those 1000 votes was down to a big team effort by all of us.

From voting Green, delivering leaflets, to canvassing, joining action days, helping in social media, standing as candidates and even talking to friends, family and colleagues about the election - this result belongs to us all.
So, a great win for us to build on for next May and a massive thank you from me for all your help and support. It is so very much appreciated and we couldn’t have done this without you.


Meanwhile over in Shoreham Julian Shinn was elected as a second Green councillor in St Nicolas ward, congratulations to Julian and to Adur Greens.



SONYA MALLIN - Candidate for Goring 



As a working, local mum, I am standing for the Green Party because I believe in a society that is just and fair for everyone – not just for big businesses. I believe that Worthing deserves to be an inclusive, sustainable town which we are proud to pass on to younger generations to look after. The time to act is now and that action must be for the benefit of all.  No party has come even close to delivering this and so I believe that the only party that can – and will - deliver this change for us is the Green Party.

I have signed the SE Climate Alliance Pledge to urge councils to commit to their demands, if elected


IAN DAVEY - Candidate for Heene 



I moved to Worthing 5 years ago after a lifetime living in Brighton & Hove, where I was a Councillor. I am standing for election to both Worthing and West Sussex councils because I believe passionately about delivering change. That can only be delivered effectively if both councils work better together than they do at the moment.

When Greens are elected, they work hard and deliver lasting change that benefits both people and the planet. I have 8 years’ experience as a councillor in Brighton & Hove where I did just that. I offer experience, commitment and passion.

Please consider voting Green in this election. Voting for the same old parties just delivers the same old results. 

Vote Green for the future. If not now, when?

I have signed the SE Climate Alliance Pledge to urge councils to commit to their demands, if elected


JO PAUL - Candidate for Worthing Central 




A local councillor has the unique opportunity to tackle the issues you find on your doorstep – recycling, litter, sustainable development. They get to work closely with you in finding out what local matters most concern you and work to bring about change in the neighbourhood you call home. This is an important and distinctive role, and one that I take very seriously. It is a special privilege and joy to be welcomed into my neighbours’ homes for a cup of tea, to discuss the local concerns that matter to them personally. To me, this relationship is at the core of what it is to be a local councillor.

Increasingly, the issues on our doorsteps must be considered within a much larger context. The decisions we make in Central Worthing have wider ramifications, just as we must consider the effect of decisions made at the county and national level here. Worthing has the opportunity to be a leader on the most important issues of the day, bringing in policies that recognize climate breakdown and work to prevent it, that protect our natural environment and encourage young people to cherish it, and that support the most vulnerable in society, cultivating a culture of compassion.


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I have signed the SE Climate Alliance Pledge to urge councils to commit to their demands, if elected



 RICHARD BATTSON - Candidate for Broadwater WBC

If I am elected I will put sustainability first as this planet needs help if it is to be fit for human life in the generations to come. I will ask for any activity to be carbon neutral and will press for council tax rates to cover services needed to help the disadvantaged of our community to live decently. I will recommend a transport strategy based on priority for walking, cycling and public transport and support encouragement for people to work, and purchase services locally.

I have lived with my wife in Broadwater for 18 years and we try to live lightly on the earth. We dont have a car but use public transport, cycles and legs. Our home is well insulated using non plastic materials and solar electricity panels provide much of our energy need

I have signed the SE Climate Alliance Pledge to urge councils to commit to their demands, if elected


STEVE CARLEYSMITH - Candidate for Gaisford


I have lived in Worthing for 40 years, worked locally, and brought up my family here. I am Chair and Coordinator of Worthing Green Party, and I will continue to fight to make this area a happier place to live and work. On most days I cycle in town, and we must improve the conditions for cyclists and walkers, as well as discouraging rat-running commuter traffic and providing priority parking for residents. I will help you defend and improve our green spaces, and fight enlargement of the A27 with its unacceptable noise and air pollution. As your Green Party candidate, I support more affordable and sustainable housing, a well-funded publicly run NHS, Britain in Europe, and a fairer society.

I have signed the SE Climate Alliance Pledge to urge councils to commit to their demands, if elected


CHRIS SMITH - Candidate for Castle


The world is on fire and working people and families are suffering a cost-of-living crisis that is only going to get worse.  Climate justice and social justice are indivisible and I truly believe that as a society we can do better than this. We can bring a halt to global warming, we can stop Southern Water pumping sewage into the sea and we can work together to hold those in power to account when they develop yet more luxury apartments and build on greenbelt land instead of investing in sustainable and affordable housing for our community.

It was for these and so many more reasons that I decided enough was enough and I had to join the Green party. It’s a privilege to have been selected to stand for Castle ward on May 5th and I hope you will lend us your vote. More elected Greens mean more people who care making a real difference!



 JULIE DAWE - Candidate for Marine

My interest in green issues started back in the late 80’s, when I first joined the Swansea Green Party. At that time, I worked for Swansea City Council, where I became involved with the trade union, holding positions as both Equal Opportunities Officer and Environmental Officer. I subsequently moved to Bristol, and started a career with the Soil Association, where I learnt a great deal about organic and sustainable food production, which I am still passionate about today. My mother has lived in Worthing for almost 40 years, so I have always regarded it as a second home, and I moved here permanently in 2019, just at few months ahead of lockdown! Despite this, I love living here, being an enthusiastic member of the Worthing Green Party, as well as following other passions, including supporting the Connaught Theatre, Buddhist Meditation and working on the committee of a local Arts Society.

I have signed the SE Climate Alliance Pledge to urge councils to commit to their demands, if elected



CLARE MARSHALL - Candidate for Selden 


I am standing as a Green Party candidate because I care about social and environment justice and believe Worthing deserves better. 

My focus would be on building a green recovery from the pandemic which has affected us all and pushed many into poverty. I am committed to fighting for a fairer society and making sure the climate and ecological crisis is at the heart of every local decision. 

As a life long Worthing resident and a keen trail runner and cyclist, I have spent a large amount of my free time exploring the area. This has instilled the importance of making sure we protect our green spaces. 

 I have signed the SE Climate Alliance Pledge to urge councils to commit to their demands, if elected”


 MELANIE LING - Candidate for Salvington

I work for the ambulance service and I am a mum to two young children. I feel passionately that the focus of our country needs to be on the long term health and well-being of everybody. We can make the world a better place, living in less polluted conditions and living sustainable lives to ensure our children and children’s children have a future to look forward to. It is with that aim at heart that all policies and decisions should be made. 

I have signed the SE Climate Alliance Pledge to urge councils to commit to their demands, if elected


 STEVE RHODES - Candidate for Offington


There are some great ideas being discussed for Worthing but we need Green Councillors to help turn these into the actions which are essential to tackle the climate and ecological emergency.  I want to work with others to make more happen more quickly to make Worthing a better place for everyone.  

I have signed the SE Climate Alliance Pledge to urge councils to commit to their demands, if elected



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