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2 April 2013

The Parliamentary Candidate for East Worthing and Shoreham - James Doyle

James Doyle

Cllr James Doyle made Worthing history in May 2014 by becoming the first-ever elected local Green Councillor.  
Here is a news article from May last year in the West Sussex Gazette - History made in Worthing for the Green Party. 
He said: “I’m so pleased for everybody who worked incredibly hard on this campaign. The first step is convincing people the Green vote is going to count for something and we have shown that today.
I’m really looking forward to working with the people of Central ward. We have had other strong results in Worthing today. This is hopefully a breakthrough and we would like to build on this.”

In pursuit of that objective, James has been working tirelessly in the last year under the #greensurge.

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  Picture of James doyle

The Parliamentary Candidate for Worthing West - David Aherne

David Aherne

Why I want to be an MP: I am a former Brighton borough councillor, who previously fought for West Sussex in the European elections for the Green Party followed by Eastbourne in both a by-election and a general election.
I am the founder of the European Convention Bureau, which indirectly creates jobs all over Europe.
A campaigner for animal rights from an early age and a vegetarian, I run the Vegetarian Gourmet website, which provides advice for chefs and caterers.
Breeding animals for food is unethical, not only because it produces more greenhouse gases than motor cars, but also because it also uses five times more land than growing arable crops for human consumption.

Link to David's video


  David Aherne 


Local Candidate for Worthing Council, HEENE Ward - Stef Sykes 

Stef Sykes

Video of Stef Sykes

Stefan Sykes stood for the Green Party in Heene ward Worthing last year and came the closest yet to beating the Conservatives there. 

He lives in Heene ward and since moving to Worthing 8 years ago, has started 2 businesses in the town and founded the Worthing Film Club, known for its On Location Film Festival and now its Short Film Festival. 

His profession is urban regeneration and he is passionate about Worthing's potential as a cultural centre in Sussex.



  Stef Sykes


Local Candidate for Worthing Council, CENTRAL Ward - Daniel Parsonage

Daniel Parsonage

Video of Daniel Parsonage

I live in Central Worthing with my wife and daughter. 
I want to be your local councillor so I can help to improve Worthing.
 It is a vibrant exciting town that needs investment to improve its public transport links to reduce the impact on the environment and improve the local economy.
 I will support the development of sustainable and affordable housing so more people can get the home they need.
 I will resist the privatisation of our NHS services to ensure that we continue to have excellent health services free and available to those who need them.
 I am committed to making Worthing a fairer, greener place to live.


  daniel parsonage 

Local Candidate for Worthing Council, OFFINGTON ward - Anne Weinhold

Anne Weinhold

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Anne Weinhold is your council candidate for the Offington ward. She is passionate about contributing to Worthing becoming a thriving town that people enjoy living in. She has run the sustainable fishery scheme Catchbox Worthing for the last three years, set up a local food hub that supports small scale producers in 2014 and is a member of Transition Town Worthing. Anne works for the Sussex Wildlife Trust and the Green Party MEP for the South East Keith Taylor.



  photo of Anne Weinhold

Local Candidate for Worthing Council, GAISFORD Ward - Rosie Turner

Rosie Turner

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" I live in Broadwater with my Husband and four children. I have lived in Worthing my whole life and have been thrown into a world of local politics because the "situation normal" has seen cuts to vital services, the selling off of public assets, hardships for the most vulnerable in society and working families reliant on benefits.  
I have always been an advocator of green values but in these difficult times, I felt compelled to be a local councillor because things need to change, both locally and nationally. 
I fully support protecting our NHS and all other public assets from the threats of TTIP and further privatisation. 
I want to see Worthing thrive again"  


  Rosie Turner

Local Candidate for Worthing Council, GORING Ward - Sam Lovely

Sam Lovely

With over 8 years experience of working in various healthcare roles locally, I am passionate about supporting and protecting the NHS. 
I am a campaigner for a more equal and fair society. 

As communications officer for Worthing Green Party, I am always keen to discuss our policies and ideas with local residents.

As a future councillor I pledge to fully support our local hospitals and NHS services.


  Rosie Turner 

Local Candidate for Worthing Council, CASTLE Ward - Julian Warrick

Julian Warrick

I've been a supportive follower of Green issues for over 20 years, more active locally since 2001. 
I've campaigned with the local Green Party since 2007. Like so many people, I would like to see our NHS free from investors, so that everyone can be treated to a healthy life, rich or poor.

I'm a committee member for our local Diabetes UK Group and a regular fundraiser for the charity, also a spokesperson for Diabetes UK. 
Other local issues I'm passionate about is lookin after Worthing's green spaces and to have smooth flowing traffic and safer roads through our community for pedestrians and cyclists of all ages.


  Rosie Turner 

Local Candidate for Worthing Council, MARINE Ward - Katy Parsonage

Katy Parsonage

Katy is very passionate about the NHS and campaigns whenever possible to create awareness regarding the TTIP Deal and increasing privatisation within the NHS. Katy wishes to ensure the future security of our local services and our national treasure. 


 katy parsonage 

Local Candidate for Worthing Council, SELDON Ward - Val Ellis

Val Ellis


Candidate for Worthing Council, Salvington Ward - Julie Owen

Julie Owen



Local Candidate for Worthing Council, Tarring - Ross Johnson

Ross Johnson



Local Candidate for Worthing Council, BROADWATER - Richard Battson

Richard Battson



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